Help to create a healthier world

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Help to create a healthier world

Kustom Sportswear supports physical activities all around the world and helps to make sports accessible to children because we think that healthier kids will create a healthier world.

Lack of exercise can lead to chronic issues such as diabetes, heart disease and many others. In addition to the physical benefits that fitness can bring, numerous studies lay out compelling evidence that moderate to vigorous physical activity stimulates brain function. Benefits include help with memory improvement and improved cognitive ability. Therefore, it is essential to promote healthy habits at a young age in order to set the path for a healthy life.

Kustom Sportswear donated sports equipment to developing nations throughout the world. In Cape Verde and in Dakkar (Senegal), children are now well equipped to learn to play soccer and basketball. You could see the joy on the young people’s faces. They were amazed by all the material they were offered. It was a beautiful picture which we will never forget.

The donation on the following pictures was made by “Pilou“ in Dakkar, one of the sons of the neighborhood, who currently lives in Canada. He continues to support the youth of this center. It was his wife Melissa with a friend, Charline, who came to give the donation to El Malick Fall, initiator of this project.

The material that was given includes a hundred balls, jerseys, a medical keychain, studs , whistles, chronometers, water bottles, but also a computer, a printer and a cooler.


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